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We have gathered the following information to assist you with your upcoming move:

  1. Please complete the entire application and sign. A non-refundable application fee of $40.00 per person or $55.00 per married couple is required to process your application. This payment must be made separate from all other monies and be made payable to CONNECTICUT PROPERTIES LLC. By signing the rental application, you are giving consent for a personal credit check to be obtained through a private credit reporting agency.
  2. A holding deposit will be required to secure your apartment. This deposit may be no less than $500.00 and be made payable to CONNECTICUT PROPERTIES LLC. This deposit is refundable in the event the application is denied or the applicant cancels within 3 days of deposit. Upon approval, the deposit will apply to your security deposit.
  3. Before approving the application, we must complete verification of current employment or letter of offer, rental history, and bank verification. In addition, a credit, criminal and eviction check will be processed. Please provide us with four (4) current pay stubs or your most recent tax return form to verify income.

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Easy Online Payment

A PayPal account is not required to pay your application or rental hold fees. PayPal can process your credit card payment with or without a PayPal account. Begin by clicking on your selection below.

Rental Hold Fee:

Application Fee: Single
($40 per application, non-refundable)
Application Fee: Married Couple
($55 per application, non-refundable)

Once your application has been approved, you will need to initiate service with the following providers:

AT & T - 203.214.4113
Comcast Cable - 800.266.2278
Pro Park - The Eli Parking 203.781.8040
Advanced Alarm - Security Alarm 203.234.2166

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us.

227 Church Street | New Haven, CT 06510-1801
phone: 203.865.1000 | fax: 203.865.7508